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  • AC-DC Power supply module
  • DC-DC Power supply module
  • High voltage input and output power supply
  • Small size bare plate power supply



Guangzhou NengDa Power Technology Co., Ltd. established in 2009, it is specialized in power supply module, module power supply, DC-DC power supply module, AC-DC power supply module, switching power supply module, ultra-small volume constant voltage bare board power supply, DC high voltage input and output power module, boost module, step-down module, high isolation medical power supply, high efficiency non-isolation power supply, 380V three-phase four-wire. Private-owned technological enterprises that develop, produce and provide technical solutions for power supply modules and high-power aerospace and military power supply.【MORE】


  • RB1205MD-25W
  • NA05-CE
  • NA02-CE
  • ISO证书
  • IB0505LS-1W ROHS